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So the drama... AGAIN!

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At around 9.30pm - 10pm tonight, I witness a LIVE CAR EXPLOSION INCIDENT from the comfort of my living room. SERIOUSLY!!!! A car exploded right in front of the highway in front of my house! We even felt the heat from the api. So the story goes like this;

I was watching the National geographic about the Polynesian sea traveller when we notice a bright light in front of our house. Thinking that it was my sister's car nak masuk parking, I went to check it out from the spy hole (the door hole la!). No car, so I just ignored it. After a few minutes, a huge 'thump' noise fell on my roof and I thought someone panjat bumbung nak masuk mencuri. So from the kitchen I went to the living room and saw Abu looking at the side of my house, checking if anybody pecah kereta my sister's fiancee. I notice the bright light in front of my house became brighter and bigger so I went out and saw a car was on fire. The car exploded right in front of my eyes and the first thing I did was trying to cover my cats that was caged in front of my porch. Abu was already with a camera and I was on the phone trying to reach the Balai Polis. For at least 2-3 minutes I waited and NOBODY answered the phone! Can you believe it? Of course you can! It's the Malaysian Police Department. If there were to be other kes-kes jenayah at that time, they could only save one....

So back to the story, I was scared the heat or explosion from the car will kena my rumah. Dahtu, there was a huge Caltex oil truck that was trying to jalan right below the burning car (the burning car was at the highway atas from USJ to NPE). Nasib baik la the driver bijak and stop before he could get any closer and meletup. Abu managed to get the video of the car meletup-letup until the bomba datang and padam api. We couldn't see the driver anywhere so I assume it must be kereta curi. If it's short circuit, Volvo will be hearing from some lawyer soon. We'll wait and see tomorrow's news.

Anyway; my sister was telling me that I get to see the shooting and car explosion this year. If both combine, I can sum it up like watching the Police Academy punya show in Universal Studio. Hehehheheh... It was not as scary as the shooting but I was worried if the debris from the explosion will kena my house. I told Abu, besok gerenti I bersalin! Too much excitement in a day... Hahahahah!!!! To reporters yang nak live output of the incident, contact us. :8)

To all, if you guys baca news or tengok berita about the incident, IT HAPPENED RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!!!!


If I can dream...

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Notice the time? It's 5.18am on my PC now and I've been up since 3.39am. I slept somewhere in between 12midnight, had a good sleep until I started dreaming about the monopoly game I was playing since 3 days ago against my computer! I actually had strategies in my head while sleeping! I'm a super freak!!!! This can only mean one thing; I NEED TO STOP PLAYING GAMES. At least until I don't 'dream' of game strategies anymore...

So here I am, at 5.23am, trying to finish up the monopoly game. Suddenly, I feel like going to the ofis today. I actually missed my friends there. After almost 2 weeks of playing online games and not doing anything, I'd rather be in the ofis, listening to Su Yin and Fify's bitch fight! I miss everyone!!!! HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways; I'm still amazed by the whole Celine + Elvis duet on AI last nite. It was awasome. I kno technology is so canggih nowadays but the part where they came out from backstage was so bloody realistic. I even waited for a second helping of the performance and forced Abu to sit with me on the re-run. So kesian. Penat-penat balik dari ofis, dah kena paksa tengok AI. I was disappointed as they say Gwen Stefani would perform and I thought Bono was going to sing as well. Jack Black was hilarious. And I loved the Simpsons + Simon audition clip. Simon singing Don't Cha with the accent. It's like being in the ofis with Catherine, Janice, and Mevrau all over again. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I have nothing to update on my pregnancy status for the time being. :8(

Not that I'm not happy keeping a child inside my tummy for almost 10 months, but I'm getting pretty tired of the toliet trips and sleepless nites. But hey! What's another few days compared to a few months aye? So until then:

People in the ofis: I miss you loads!

Friends who wants to put comments but can't: I have reset my settings to allow non-bloggers/googlers to put comments (I kno Shanky and Boo will want to share a piece of their mind)

Other friends: Have a nice day!!!!!


You look nice tonight Mr Cowell!

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My two favourite things combined together tonight:
White rolled-up sleeve shirt + Simon Cowell
He looked absolutely attractive! And the video clips of him going around doing charity actually gives us a glimpse of his human side. It's really hard to be half human and half pure evil... Like Catherine, I kno she's strugling to blend in but wat's up wif the weather lately? Did Janice piss you off again? Heheheheheh...
Anyway; back to the show, I'm not feeling very well today. Down wif a possibility of getting a fever. My throat hurts and burns. I slept at 4am last nite. I'm still doing the whole re-enactment of puking scene of the Exorcist... Sigh... Not much in a mood until I saw Simon in a white shirt... :). Here's my list for the week:
  1. Phil: This is the first time he gave me goosebumps. The song was good and his vocal was excellent. I agree with Simon. he should put a little bit of the 'country vibe' in it to give the perfect coating.
  2. Mindy Doo: Obviously fantastic again. She's second tonite because I don't kno the song and not liking it that much. But as usual, she doesn't need to win this to get a contract.
  3. Blake: Me, loving the song and the performance tonite. I agree wif Paula and Simon. It was a sensitive and touching performance.
  4. Jordin: I disagree wif Randy. Her vocal tonite is the best vocal we've ever heard in American Idol. For me, she did a great job on the song but I dunno... It was just ok...
  5. Chris: Ok la.... Not that bad. Still not liking the nasally vocal.
  6. Lakisha: She butchered the song. I hope she goes back this week.

My verdict: Lakisha might not be going home just yet. I'm not surprised if it's either Chris or Phil goes home. Even Blake might be in a tight spot. So for me, one of the boys will go. BUT I really, really hope Lakisha is out.


PUNKtv - Space Cop Gaban

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80's children!
A special treat for all of you. The original singer of Space Cop Gaban + lyrics. I love the soundtrack! ENJOY!!!
p/s: pump up the PC volume and sing along!!!!


I get to go to a spa!!!!!

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Another picture taken from Yahoo! How can we not love this creature?
Anyways, I would like to say THANK YOU to Ucin, Ly-d, Esah and Elly for your support on yesterday's whining session. I love you guys!!!! Sob..Sob..Sob....----> Chick Flick moment
Secondly, I would like to welcome one of my good 'diud' buddy, UCIN to my blog. If you've just arrived to the page, there's more grumblings to read.
So today, I 'will' (let's hope that nobody changes their mind) be having my foot and hand spa session at 1.30pm. My sister and my aunt decided that it's time for them to rejuvenate their body, so I'm tagging along! WOhoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally get to cross off one thing in my 'to-do' list! Actually, it's 3 things off from my list: manicure, fott reflexology, and spa! What an accomplishment! I bravo myself!!!!!!!!! Clap! Clap! Clap! Full report coming up later...
p/s: American Idol will be holding a special show on Thursday. I hope they will show it here. It's a small concert in aid to the African kids and poor children in America. It's called "Idol gives back'. Supposedly Gwen Stefani and loads more will be singing on the show. SO watch out for it friends!
p/s: Ucin! Update la blog ko tu bebanyak sket. Aku nak nengok gambar Jannah. And you look 'healthier' nowadays aaaaaaa? ;P


It could only happen to Naziah Nawawie!

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So here's the thing.... I've been having severe gastrik and heartburn since day 1 of the pregnancy. I was hoping to get full 30 days of puasa last year, but it was impossible. I ended the puasa month with only 4 days in hand and 26 days to ganti. OK... And then, I was on a long leave of MCs and unpaid leave last year due to the same case of chronic muntah-muntah due to gastrik and heartburn. Puan Doktor said it will hilang once we reach a certain month or time period. In my case, ladies and gentlemen, that NEVER happen! I'm still having muntah-muntah due to gastrik and heartburn. But last nite... last nite was the worst of all. Maybe it's the finale of the muntah-muntah (hopefully!). I actually muntah-muntah sampai bleeding! I dunno which part of me but I'm pretty sure my anak tekak will never be the same again... Hehehehe....


Why I Don't Vote

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Are you a registered voter? I'm not! My mom always reminds me to register so that I can vote on the next election period. But why? Why do I need to vote? Let me share my thoughts and opinions on voting... Maybe this applies only to my political belief... I dunno...

Why Naziah Nawawie refuse to vote:

  1. I don't kno the person I'm voting for. I wouldn't want to vote for the WRONG person who will end up in the newspaper using all the money people invested to them to buy a new Mercedes Benz.

  2. I'm neither against nor fancy any specific political thought or party. Why? They even fight WITHIN their own party, amongst themselves! How can you convince people to believe in you if your own house is a mess?

  3. If I vote, will the oil price be cut down? Will Samy Vellu reduce the toll price? Will they pay for a vacation to Japan for me? I don't think so, right?!

  4. I will only vote for 3 people if they decide to be the candidate in my area; Anwar Ibrahim, Joseph Pairin Kitingan, and Dr M. I have my own reasons as to why only these 3 will get me voting. Again, I don't go for the party, I go for the person...

  5. Last but not least, it's always bloody hot and crowded at those voting area... :p

There you go! Those are MY reasons for not voting. If the government wants to wajibkan voting, SO SUE ME!!!!!!



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Me not liking the genre for AI this week, might have some effect towards my opinion. It's not that I dislike it. I'm just not a fan. There are some songs that I like and some singers that I think is great like Kenny Rogers and Keith Urban. Maybe it's the song choice tonight that I'm not liking. Anyways, just a quick one. We'll start from the bottom this time:

7. Lakisha - I hate her attitude. The look on her face when the judges gave her their comments is so "You are so wrong and I'm so gonna be the next American Idol". Carrie sang that song beautifully and she screamed the song very poorly.

6. Chris - Nasal boy using his natural ability as an excuse... Some people does sound nasally (like Siti Nurhaliza) sometimes but at least they sound good. He sounded not so good and using it as an excuse is so gonna cost him this week.

5. Sanjaya - I agree with Simon. It was fun keeping him for a few weeks but this has got to stop. I like the song. He could actually sing it better if he stop smiling creepily when he sings. Some part of the vocal was okay but 80% was just lazy. Yes! That's the word... LAZY...

4. Blake - Not liking the performance but at least he's better than those 3 people.

3. Phil - Not liking the song but he sounds good.

2. Jordin - Great vocal! The song choice was good. For me, it felt like me, sitting in a bar somewhere in Kansas, listening to the singer on stage while waiting for my Buffalo Wings to arrive (I can't say beer can I?!!!).

1. Mindy Doo - She should just withdraw from the competition. I bet Labels are waiting for her to come out and grab her by the collar to sign up with them. The song choice was excellent. With that song, I was at a Corn Fair somewhere in Kansas, eating corn and watching people ride the bull!

So I guess every week we wish Sanjaya will go. But this week I pray he really goes. Otherwise, Chris or Lakisha will be out before him.

p/s: Why Kansas? Clark Kent is a country boy who lives in a farm in Smallville, Kansas. Why Clark Kent? For those who don't kno me, I'm obsessed with Superman and Smallville. Besides, Kansas is the only 'country' like place that I kno of. Yes...yes... My general knowledge of the American Geography is not good.


10 things I want to do before giving birth

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  1. Get a manicure -Yeah right! I don't even have fingernails to begin with. My fingers are so stunted that I usually gets children price for manicures!

  2. Sign up for gym - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! I kno for a fact, Cat will roll her eyes in agony, knowing that this will never happen. And Shanky; don't laugh. I kno you succefully sign up to join the yoga class BUT have started going yet? heheheh....

  3. Go watch a movie - My movie buddies; Marina is so far away, and Cat; obviously working on weekdays, are not available at the moment. We NEVER watch movies on a weekend. Plans NEVER happen on a weekend. It's a mystery with the 3 of us.

  4. Sign up for dance class - HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! I've been wanting to since a few years back. Janice brought up the issue last week, and it got me 'yearning' again. BUT, never will happen too. Shy? Nope! Not me. I'm a good dancer (ask me TKC friends! I was a dancer in school)

  5. Foot reflexology - This might achiveable today, if my sister decides to drive to Sunway Pyramid this afternoon. There's this Thai reflexology place in front of Parkson Grand. SO GOOD! I recommend this to all. No pain! If you don't mind sitting next to anybody with your kaki exposed tho.... But nobody cares. Everyone who goes in immediately enjoys the service.

  6. Re-arrange my room - To fit the baby's crib. My room is currently full with baby stuff (car seat that shud be in my car already, bath tub that shud be somewhere else, play mats given by Su Yin and my sister, toys given by friends and families...). I need to clear up some spaces first...

  7. Re-read harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince - I manage to read the first page last nite and felt the book was just too heavy for my aching wrists. I rested the book on my tummy and ended up waking the girl in it. MAN! Setengah jam she disco dancing in my stomach which was not very pleasant nowadays. Abu could even feel her toes this time. It's hard bones poking out your skin!!!!!!

  8. Go eat korean food - Before I go for 44 days of ayam rebus and ikan stim only, I'd like to go out and eat authentic korean food. Su Yin, Janice, Amelia and I have been planning to go eat at Koryowon. It's a korean buffet (BBQ and stuff) at Plaza Antarabangsa. They only have the buffet every Sunday between 12 noon to 2pm. It is so worth it! I think it's about RM55++ per head. Excellent food selections available.

  9. Go for a spa - Berurut will be impossible for now. I just want to go for a hot milk bath or something soothing like that. Again, this will be possible if someone could drive me to Shah Alam. I usually go to Kakiku Refleksologi at Plaza Massalam. The price and service is not that bad.

  10. Eat and sleep as much as I can - Practically impossible as I do not have any appetite and I don't go for afternoon naps anymore. I just can't! I'm already at home, doing nothing, and you think I'd get bored and sleep in the afternoon? i spend 10 minutes trying to convince myself I'm sleepy yesterday afternoon, and ended up having a headcahe due to forcing my eyes to close really, really hard!

A special shoutout to Marina; BALIKLA CEPAT!!!!!!!! Or you'll miss me screaming at you during labor pain....

Janice and Zarrafat; the picture below is especially for both of you.


The waiting game begins!

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So.... Here I am... At home... On the first day of my 'long leave'... Am on MC this whole week since I've started having my contractions every hour. It's like, for half an hour, I'll have it for every 5 - 10 minutes. It stops and will start again in an hour or two... Anyways... Doing nothing... At home.... Sigh!

Nope! This is not my cat. I got this from Yahoo! photo of the day. Cute eh? I bet if I was in the ofis with Janice, we'll drool and bite our lips imagining ourselves squeezing the nose!

Err.... Wat else... I started playing neopets again. Been looking at the 'stockmarket' and making loads of imaginary money. Maybe I shud start looking at the real stock market and start playing with $$$. If I'm good with the make-believe market, maybe I'm good with the real one. Watcha guys think?

OKla.... Starting from today, I'll be updating the blog often (since I don't have anything interesting to do). Don't be surprised if you see 5 postings in a day.. I'll try to put interesting stuff for you to read. In the meantime;

  • People in the ofis, don't miss me! Come and visit...
  • Other people, start praying for me... I'm trying to keep epidural as the last resort of pain relief...
  • Checkout this game site Widie just gave me... www.shockwave.com. Cool stuff!


Besame Mucho!

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He did it again. This time I'm pretty sure it's the song and his performance. I'm so excited to give this week's review that I didn't want to wait a minute before the show is over to start typing. Maybe it's the confusing pregnancy hormones (I did went to work this morning at 7am on my annual leave day!). But let's get loud children!!!!

So this week's theme is Latin. My prediction of them singing either Gloria Estefan or Santana is correct. Jennifer Lopez looked 'tall and leggy'. Did she put on extra legs? But she did give some good advice that some of them choose to ignore. I will further discuss this... Now... For my list of the week. Don't be surprised but I feel he deserves to be where he is in the list this week. :p

Look at his 'I'm not a girl, not yet a woman' face! The janggut and misai looks drawn instead of grown. Throughout the performance he was seducing the camera instead of the audience. At the end of the song he looked as if he wanted to cry. But I love his vocal tonight. It suits the song very well. Actually, I have always love the song 'Besame Mucho'. It's one of the sexiest latin song ever. And kudos to Sanjaya, he actually sang a LATIN song. Unlike the rest....

Mindy Doo comes second in my list this week. I never thought 'Sway' is in the latin category. It's always been jazzy. Her vocals were superb as usual. But I agree with Simon. The problem with Mindy Doo and Lakisha; they don't know how to choose contemporary songs. They always go for oldies or big voice songs. I hope her fans can maintain their loyalty to her.

3rd on my list is Jordin. Song choice was just too obvious for latin week. She could do better songs. Maybe sing one of Shakira's songs. She did a funky job on No Doubt week. She should've taken it broader than Gloria Estefan/Jennifer Lopez's loop. But I like her vocals. She sang it well.

Next is Blake's version of I need to know. Not my favourite song but Marc Anthony is one of the sexiest voice in latin music. NO! Not him sexy physically. He's so skinny and reminds me of a mouse. His vocal is excellent. Blake's performance was just okay. I thought he looked like a fisherman with the hat and all....

Nasal Boy is back! He is nasally again... Contemporary? Yes! But he sounded like Justin Timberlake trying to sing that song. Well... He even move like JT. Poor dude... Must be hard for him to get his own identity when he's constantly being compared to JT.

Who else? Hmm.... I must be missing somebody out.... Oh! Wait! Lakisha! Yes... Her performance was not memorable. It was so flat. She should've listen to JLo on the dancing/moving part. As always, she thinks that she is smarter than the accomplished artist themselves. Ask for advise, and then disregard it. Humph! I'm not surprised if people don't vote for her this week. It was another one of those obvious latin song of the week.

Phil did okay until he spoil it all at the end. So kesian... Trying too hard to impress JLo. But if I were a guy, and JLo sitting in fornt of me, I'll get excited too! Who knows... Phil might be her next husband... HAHAHAHAHAH!

Last but not least, Jiggly Scarnato. Very smart tactic. Wear as short as you can to blind the voters from the actual purpose of the competition. I pity her too. Simon was just too cruel to state the obvious in front of everybody. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Verdict: Hard to say... Every week I say either Phil or Haley. But I'm not surprise if either Jordin or Lakisha goes home too. Their song choice was not favourable. Same like Gina last week....


The Ultimate Cheesy-Ballad Playlist

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Remember the days when NKOTB rules and Richard Marx was really, really hip? I was reading EW.com and they listed songs from the past that was so hot at that time, you won't even remember why you have the album... Here's my top 10 list of 'TUCBP';

  1. Please don't go girl by NKOTB - I used to cry everytime I hear the song. Hahhahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
  2. You're in love by Wilson Phillips - They were cool and rockin' the 90's. But after 'growing up', the song doesn't make sense. "You're in love, that's the way, it should be, coz I wan't you to be happy"... It's a loser song! Why would you want your crush to have that? Call me selfish but DUH!
  3. Hero by Mariah Carey - One of the most played song in TKC. It's not a bad song but it's just too 'I'm-Rocky-and-I'll-be-the-top-boxer-again' kinda song. Aah! You get wat I mean... It's too cheesy la senang cerita.
  4. One Sweet Day by Mariah and Boys II Men - We (Noorhaina Hirawani and myself) used to sing this song in the shower. DUET! She'll do the Mariah bit and I'll do the dude bit. For those who are laughing and rolling right now, you're all going to hell!
  5. Right here waiting by Richard Marx - Abu dedicated this song when we were dating. I now wonder why I married him... :P
  6. A whole new world by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle - Aladdin is still one of my favourite Disney movie. But the song gives me the creep now. Dunno why....
  7. Everything I do, I do it for you by Bryan Adams - He's one of my favourite singer of all time. But the song is so fehlong (fehlong = jiwang karat nak mampus!). Yucks! It gives me goosebumps...
  8. My heart will go on by Celine Dion - Once upon a time, when I was so into this particular dude, I dedicated this song to him because I tot the lyrics was beautiful since he was in Indiana and I was here and it so kena with the situation. He then, replied back with the song 'Two steps behind' by Def leppard. That was truly a beautiful moment. But now, It seems so cheesy that I can't even bring myself to look at the title of the song when I see it in any karaoke book! It's in my 'loser song list' along with All by myself (Celine) and Through the rain (Mariah). p/s: Cat and Marina update our suicide song list
  9. I'll never break your heart by Backstreet Boys - This is super-sized cheese! Only a liar will dedicate this song to you. Wat kind of promise is that? Why would you want to make a promise that you most definitely can't keep.
  10. You are not alone by Michael Jackson - This is the grandfather of all cheesy ballads! Amelia (if you are reading this Chagia, chwesonghaeyo!) even went to get the same haircut as MJ in the video. At one point, I tot he was sexy in the video but man! I couldn't be any wronger (if this is even a word)! He was skinny and WHITE! The black was even fairer than any caucasian in the video.

There's my list... I'm hoping to hear some confessions soon from you people. Heheheh...

BTW; I did a 'Praba' today (came to work at 7am on my AL......hahahhahaha!)


I don't wanna whine but...

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Look at my tired face! My body hurts. My wrists are swollen (not ankle, like other pregnant people... WRISTS!). I can't sleep at night. I sleep very well in the afternoon, which I don't understand why. I wake up every 30 minutes to go to the loo, which don;t happen in the afternoon. I wan't to eat but I can't. I eat, but I still have heartburn. Been drinking milk, a cow a day but my weight is still the same. Doctor ask me to lay off work already and start the eating and sleeping routine but I don't wanna yet. The baby stop growing and she might be small for her week hence the eating and sleeping routine as per Doctor. But I can't! I like going to the ofis now (Laugh Cat laugh! Ben, stop rolling on the floor!). Ofis got friends to borak with. At home, I don't feel like watching TV or do anything else. I can't just sleep the whole day?! HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phewww! Since that's all out of the way, watcha guys think? Should I take my leave of eating and sleeping now? I wanna wait in another 2 weeks time. So takdela banyak sangat my unpaid leave or MCs. I dunno la. If my mom knows about tis, she's gonna make sure I'm all locked up in my room and only allows me to go down from the bed to pee!
Back to AI, I was reading Esah's comments on Sanjaya. Very ineteresting I must say. Ben should read it. I agree with her. Not his fault he's there still. Judges put him there at the first place. The Americans who voted for him either a) tone deaf, b) 'amazed' by his childish grin, c) Asians (particularly Indians) who potrays him as their hero (no racism intended here) or d) thinks that he is a good piece of joke. At the end of the day, I pity Sanjaya. He doesn't kno whether him being there is for his talent or just another clown without the makeups.
By the way, the pic up there was taken on my cousin's 9th birthday (to justify the mickey ears). That's Lisa (my cousin), moi, and Ajan, my sister.
To all who has read this, thanks for being a good 'listener'. People always say don't complain or whine about you pregnancy. I should be thankful, at least I'm pregnant (yes... Alhamdulillah, I've been wanting this since forever.) BUT I can't help it. It's a beautiful experience, but when you're pregnant since LAST year, you kno what I mean.........


Gina is out!

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Good afternoon friends!

I apologize for the delay of my 'ulasan' this week. My network card @ home got struck by the lightning and I can't masuk internet for the time being. Hence, am doing this in the ofis....

As the title says, Gina Glocksen is out this week. Sorry if this spoils the fun of those who likes to wait for the results show. Here's my list for the week;

  1. Chris - Yes... Yes... I like his performance this week. I thought it was good. Vocally and the whole thing....
  2. Mindy - Like Simon said, 'we'll never be able to criticize you'.....
  3. Jordin - She really can belt it out. I dun like her outfit. She looks like a waitress....
  4. Blake - I like the song. Goes well with his voice.
  5. Lakisha - No comment...
  6. Sanjaya - I always sing that song in the ofis... "Heaven... I'm in heaven..." That bit only la... He can actually sing but needs to stop 'smiling'. The smile is spoiling his vocal...
  7. Gina - Serves her right for answering back at Simon. She shud just be humble and admit that Mindy and Jordin sang better than her.
  8. Haley - Kesian this girl... She was rolling her eyes when Simon said 'you have great legs'... Also Paula saying "you look good in green" doesn't help her evaluate her performance...
  9. Phil - The song is so yucks. He's not up to par with the rest. Lucky him people still vote for him.

I especially like Simon last night. He was so fed up with the viewers that he didn't even bother to give his opinion. The 'incredible' he gave Sanjaya was hillarious!

Anyways; just a quick 'hi' to Lin Poh. If you r reading this, I have missed you!



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It's April already? Do you remember what you've done for the past 3 months? I don't! That means my time passed and it was probably wasted just like that. Lemme see.... Hmmm... Januray... What did I do in January? Hmm..... Err... Move on to February.... Hmm.... I did what in February??? And March just passed... Surely I have something important that I did.... Bloody hell! The only thing that I can remember is I started this habit of eating ice cubes somewhere in February.... What's wrong with me????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to do something useful and memorable soon (like giving birth.. ehheheheh....)

As for today, nothing much to say. Just a few hellos and shoutouts to people around the world.

Marina: Bogoshipoyo!
Cat: We must bring Marina to the zoo once she comes back to KL.
Ben: U think we can vote for AI or not? If can, let's use the ofis phone and vote...
Esah: Kirim salam to Wani if u go and visit her.
Wani: Aku kirim salam kat kau... heheheheh... Sori x dapat nak menjenguk ke Ipoh.
Ly-D: Selamat kembali bekerja! ;)
Sanjaya: Dude! U need to pull out from the competition. Don't think that people r voting for u cos u're good. U're just a joke dude....
Jabatan Imigresen Selangor: Tolongla permudahkan proses renewal visa pekerja asing. I don't want to waste 5 hours there just to wait for you to print the visa.