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I'm moving out...

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Dear friends,

It's been almost a year since I've dedicated my hours to the site. It's time for me to explore other hosts to learn more on blogging. You can find ALL of my posts here in the other site as well. It's the same title, with mostly the same stuff... So go on... Check it out at http://www.naziahnawawie.wordpress.com/...

See you guys there!

Naziah Nawawie



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Yet another attempt to write fiction... Hopefully a hollywood scriptwriter/producer/director stumbles upon it and wants to make a movie... Hehehehhehehe.... Checkout http://naziah.bloggerteam.com/... I'll try my best to update it everyday... Remember, it's more of a fiction than anything that is related to my personal life... :-p


Something wrong with my settings

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The blog is corrupted! I have no dates, or time, and the comments link is below the title... WHAT'S WRONG?!!!!! I was just trying to change the look but not working out so well... Hopefully it will revert back to normal soon...


I've got Monday Blues...

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Let's start the day with a big fat SIGH... The weather is soooooooo good for sleeping in until at least 10 am! I've been saying this but mother nature has got SOMETHING against me! When it's my off days, it will be so hot that by 8am, I have to roll UNDER my bed to get less sunlight!!!! Sigh... So I've decided... Today, I'm just gonna be lazy@work...

I leave you with my favourite comic strip:


I kena tagged again...

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More, Esah! I want more!!!!!

p/s: I tag Nina, Ly-D, Mummy-O, Shanky, Ida Z, Widie... And also Cat (you think I will let you go aaa?!)

1. Were you smiling when you woke up this morning?
Nope... I tot I was gonna be late for work. And then I remembered that I'm working from home today. Yes... I AM DOING MY REPORTS! And NO, I'm not watching any Korean drama or That 70's Show... Too much calculations to do!

2. When was the last time you met someone new?
Open house(s) last week... A lot of Abu's colleagues from SATO... One kakak made this delicious Laksa! And I don't really enjoy laksa but hers was excellent!

3. When did you last eat pizza?
Bulan puasa. I make my own pizza. Not that hard... Just buy the pre-made crust, put tomato paste, cheese, and chili tuna, and mayounise... Bake for 20 mins or so...

4. Do you drink beer?

5. Do you wash your own clothes?
No... I have an excellent maid who does it for me... I enjoy putting the clothes into the washing machine and hanging it but I do not like the lipat-lipat baju part...

6. What do you want more than anything?
Very hard to decide between meeting Takuya Kimura in person and running my own business...

7. Are you tired?
My body's aching but no, I'm not tired. Just had 2 cups of coffee... Shud ask me later in the evening...

8. Are you restless?
No... I'm fine today... I can't be restless today. Must pay attention to my reports... Or else I have to start from the beginning and that will make me super restless.

9. How many Frienster's view do you have today?
Dunno.... Haven't seen my friendster yet...

10. Who is in the room with you?
Nobody. But I can hear Kady laughing outside... Heheheh...


What do I do for a living?

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I get this question a lot! I think most of my friends (outside office circle) don't know where I'm working and what is it that I'm doing. Not that I'm not proud of the company, but I never really talk about ofis stuff with my friends or families.

So, what exactly am I doing? First and foremost, I work with AMERICAN EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL based in Menara Weld. The reason why it's called Amex International is because the Malaysia bit of it has been taken over by Maybank. So whatever we have in Menara Weld, is all overseas based services. My job? I'm a Quality Analyst. I do quality audit for our Credit Department Singapore. Yes... The team is based Singapore and I'm in KL. Yes... It is possible. Everything is possible now. Thanks to technical advances... What do I do? I listen to calls, check it if it's up to standard, check the procedures and update, and give feedback when necessary. I actually just started this job in August. I was in a different department previously (a 'funner' department to be in - Ste, if you are reading this, I have too many grudges with the recording procedure. Heheheh...).

Clear enough? And NO, I do not take any Amex card applications. For that, you have to go thru Maybank. Another interesting fact about my job; my boss is based in Sydney. I do not have a boss in KL... :-p


Driving Miss Kady

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Coincedently even her pacifier is pink! I did not, I repeat, I DID NOT plan the outfit (and NO! I'm not a big fan of the kaler). People just love giving me pink stuff because I look good with it... Heheheheh...